Many of us go through periods of sadness and feeling low - but prolonged periods of these sort of feelings can make us fall into negative cycles. Whether the negativity is emotional or physical it can have a major impact upon our lives and prevent us from living positive and productive lives.

Depression can be caused by external factors such as relationships/family issues, stress, loss of loved ones but it can also be caused by events that have happened in the past.

  • Symptoms of depression are:
  • Having no appetite / or eating too much
  • Having no motivation
  • Having no enjoyment in life
  • Restleness
  • Trouble sleeping / or sleeping too much
  • Sadness
  • Low self esteem
  • Lack of energy
  • Feelings of hopelessness

How we can help

Different strategies are offered based on your personal circumstances. Whether you believe that your depression has been caused by a particular event in your life or by a situation that you face everyday - we can help eliminate the negative emotions that you are experiencing with different strategies based on our assessment of your issues.

If depression or the symptoms of depression are intruding on your life and preventing you from doing the things you would like then a course of hypnotherapy can benefit you greatly. Depending on your situation we will offer you a course of suggestion therapy or hypnoanalysis. If we discover that there are bottled up emotions involved in your panic attacks, then the root issues can be tackled with hypnoanalysis. Some people can benefit directly with suggestion therapy (clinical hypnosis), but if we find the problems are more deep rooted from your past, then these are tackled with the hypnoanalysis.

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