The fear of being sick, gagging, seeing others being sick, choking on food, drowning or social phobia is known as emetophobia. This condition can affect the sufferer's life so much that they will avoid going to places where they could potentially see people vomiting.

Whether it's avoiding nightclubs, pubs or restaurants many people who suffer from this will stop themselves going to certain places. They are obsessive about where they go and who they go with. Emetophobics aren’t just concerned with being sick, they are also concerned with other aspects of hygiene that are classed as “dirty”, “disgusting” and “yucky”. This can further cause problems when urinating in public toilets or in front of other people.

How we can help

If you suffer with emetophobia or have similar symptoms then hypnosis can alleviate you of your symptoms leaving you to live a more full and satisfying life. A course of suggestion therapy can help get rid of your problems by changing the way you think of your issues, whether you fear being sick or any other related problems to emetophobia. The sessions will help build your confidence and self esteem and make you more calm in situations where your symptoms may flare. Problems such an emetophobia can be healed but this may take between 8-12 sessions of hypnotherapy. Whether you have classic symptoms of this or yours are slightly different then we are extremely confident we can help you.

Depending on your situation we will offer you a course of suggestion therapy or hypnoanalysis. If we discover that there are bottled up emotions involved in your panic attacks, then the root issues can be tackled with hypnoanalysis. Some people can benefit directly with suggestion therapy (clinical hypnosis), but if we find the problems are more deep rooted from your past, then these are tackled with the hypnoanalysis.

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