Self Confidence

Sufferers of poor self confidence lose the ability to identify any of their good points and focus on the bad. They become very 'half empty' and are often self critical about everything they do. You often find people with low self esteem feel unworthy and incompetent in life. They become less able to handle criticism whether this is in their professional or private/personal lives. They find that errors made in the past cannot be forgotten, this leaves negative reminders in their mind that will crop up and affect them for years to come, and this will also prevent them from taking risks in the future, whether it be socially, financially or professionally. They find it more and more difficult to meet new people, interviews for a job become almost impossible with a constant fear of 'messing it up', and the outlook for the future becomes very bleak. They set themselves up as perfectionists with targets that are extremely hard to achieve and even if these targets are met they are still unsatisfied and want to do better. They feel constantly under pressure to achieve, having a fear of failure and continually assessing what other people think of them.

How we can help

If issues surrounding self confidence are intruding on your life and preventing you from doing the things you would like then a course of hypnotherapy can benefit you greatly. Depending on your situation we will offer you a course of suggestion therapy or hypnoanalysis. If we discover that there are bottled up emotions involved in your panic attacks, then the root issues can be tackled with hypnoanalysis. Some people can benefit directly with suggestion therapy (clinical hypnosis), but if we find the problems are more deep rooted from your past, then these are tackled with the hypnoanalysis.

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