Suggestion Therapy

When someone refers to hypnosis or hypnotherapy, they are usually referring to "Suggestion Therapy". The process is simple - you are relaxed into a very light hypnotic state - this doesn't mean you will be in a hypnotic trance - often people just feel very relaxed and are in complete control of themselves. Whilst in this calming and soothing state, positive affirmations and desirable outcomes are spoken directly to your subconscious mind. This can be extremely effective for many problems such as driving test nerves, self confidence, fear of flying and other phobias.

If you have a fear a flying, then your session would consist of being relaxed into a light hypnotic state, you will then be given positive suggestions about the fear you have. You will be told such things as "you will feel calm approaching the airport and you will look forward to your journey" and "during the flight you will feel composed and in full control". In essence you are being told exactly how you will feel as opposed to focusing on the opposite of the fear of flying - you will no longer be worrying about what could go wrong and will keep out those negative thoughts regarding the phobia.

The effects of suggestion therapy are usually short term - they are not life changing but they help considerably with these sorts of problems. In the example above, you will feel great before, during and after your flight - but it's possible for the fear to come back a few months after the hypnotherapy. That is not to say that it is not incredibly powerful and it only takes one or two sessions to help you.

For other issues that might be caused by a build up of emotions or past experiences then we also offer hypnoanalysis which does offer you a life changing therapy to deal with deeper issues and that will cure you of problems in the long term.

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